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Amai Basil
A Non-AU Asian Entertainment Role Playing Community !

Amai Principles

❦ Please check the claims list before claiming a muse.
❦ Post your claim on amaibasil.
❦ Wait a week before reclaiming, if you have been cut.
❦ Claims are limited to 3 muses per mun. 1 muse per band. No exceptions!
❦ Drops and hiatuses should be done at amaibasiluber and use the appropriate tags whenever possible. (Please check profile for further details on the rules)
❦ Uber is uber. Simple? Please do not bring anything OOC into game. It's not fun for your muse nor any other muse(s) involved and it's not fair for everyone at the comm.
❦ Meta-gaming and God-modding. Just don't do it. Further explanation? Wiki is your friend!
Museanon and comms that are similar are not In-game. Your muse should not know of this place when talking IC. If to post about it, please indicate the post is Uber.


When claiming please include the #claim and &bandname tags! And the following:


❦ Stay active! Post once a month on your muses journal or the comm. Cuts will be on the 15th. There won't be any reminders! It's your muses job to remember they have not posted.
-- All posts made on the Comm muse be posted with &bandname and *month'year tags. (i.e. &jyj, *april'11)
-- If you claim before the 1st of the month, you will be required to post.
-- Moreover, video posts will not count towards your monthly post.
-- Private posts will not count as well.
-- If you do get cut, you cannot reclaim until 7 days after the cut.
❦ It is alright to comment on claims that have not been accepted, but please do not invite any new claims to the Blast Group until they are accepted. This also goes for any new claimers, please do not add yourself until you have been officially accepted by the Mod.
Do not Cross-claim. We like to play by 'old school' rules, so please do not claim your muse on every comm.
❦ If you are mass claiming, even with different journals, you will be asked to leave. Believe me, I will find out, so don't claim here just to see if this comm is better than another.
❦ I, the mod, have the right to refuse muses. Don't question it.
❦ I also reserve the right to remove muses from the claims if they appear to be inactive before the cut date. i.e. You claim a muse and then disappear.


claims list | quick friend | easy aim | uber amai | blast group | amai secrets

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